Birds of Germany


Checklist of the Birds of Germany

This checklist is a special edition of the official checklist of the birds of Germany (Barthel & Helbig 2005). It was produced for the participants of the International Ornithological Congress in Hamburg in August 2006 and was not available separately.

It gives scientific and English names and short information on the recent status of each species as of 1.5.2005 and is intended to serve as reference for systematic sequence, nomenclature and occurrence of birds in Germany and Central Europe. For this edition the new names recommended by the IOC Standing Committee on English Names were adopted (Gill & Wright 2006).



The complete German version of the checklist (Artenliste der Vögel Deutschlands), including comments, explanations and references was published in Limicola 2005, issue 2.


You can download the checklist as pdf-file (396 KB) by clicking on the picture of the cover below.


Artenliste der Vögel Deutschlands

Limicola 2005, issue 2 + German checklist